All vinyl pergolas are custom fabricated inside Vinyl Fence Depots fabrication facility upon request. Vinyl Fence Depot has the ability to custom fabricate any pergola to fit each and every clients needs. Every home is unique; our sales representatives can help you design your own vinyl pergola and bring your ideas to life.

Take advantage of our great weather by using our vinyl pergola as an extended area of your home. Vinyl pergolas add valuable living space to any backyard. Our pergolas are made to withstand the constant day after day beating from the sun. Titanium dioxide, U/V stabilizers and heat stabilizers are added to our products to protect it from the sun. Organic fillers and high impact modifiers are also added for extra strength. With these quality compounds in our products we are able to guarantee that your new pergola will remain low maintenance for a lifetime. Just hose it down to keep it clean! No need for sanding, painting, replacing and maintaining your vinyl pergola.

Outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, heaters, power outlets and misters are all accessories that can be installed during the installation process with all wiring hidden inside the beams and posts. Vinyl pergolas do not absorb heat so it is always cooler under a vinyl structure and can help you save hundreds on your energy bill.

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Pergola over Spa

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Splinter Approves This Product

Pergolas Structural

Pergola posts (The main vertical structural supports that are attached to the ground and support the beams, rafters, lattice or pickets) can be set in the ground in a concrete footing or if properly engineered, may be attached to an existing concrete slab using a variety of other methods. Vinyl Fence Depot also fills the posts with concrete and rebar in order to create a solid permanent structure, this method gives our pergolias a much stronger finish both structurally and to the touch.

Splinter Approves This Product Both beams (The horizontal members that usually go between the posts and support the rafters) and rafters (Which usually span from the home to the main beams and support the shade components such as pickets, louvres, lattice) should be attached internally using a engineered connection system, as well as the proper internal enforcements such as a galvanized steel C-Channels to support weight, prevent sagging, bowing and an unsafe pergolia structure.

The pickets which are the horizontal members that are supported by the rafters to create the desired amount of shade are available in many profiles and can be installed as far apart or as close together as necessary. For more information on installation methods and design options please give us a call or visit our showroom and set up your free in home no obligation consultation today.

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